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Time for Receiving Settlement Checks

I recently read the following question posted on a lawyer website: "I live in NJ and have waited Over 60 days since my case was settled in court and still no workmans comp settlement check."

It is important that you keep track of the time period after you appear in workers' compensation court to settle your case. While many of us as lawyers try to keep track of pending settlment checks, the client should also keep detailed records as well. With regards to the above client scenario, 63 days is not unusual. It is fairly common for the time frame to go beyond 60-Days; however, you are the client and if your lawyer is not being helpful, you should schedule an appointment and demand an answer.

If the insurance company or their attorneys are not providing answers to your attorney, your attorney should file a motion in workers' compensation court so that the Judge can get involved and have the insurance company explain the delay. That would be the fastest and most practical way to deal with an overdue settlement check.

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