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Uncooperative Employers

There are times when your employer does not cooperate with you after you are hurt on the job. This is a fairly common in N.J. The employer's lack of cooperation may be as simple as not reporting your accident to the employer's insurance company. They may also refuse to help you get medical attention. In a case we are currently handling, the employer did not call the police after our client was injured by a co-worker. It took an hour before any help arrived. Thankfully, it was another co-worker that called for help.

Under either sitution discussed above, there are solutions to these types of problems. If your employer refuses to help, you should consider contacting the employer's insurance company directly or alternatively, you can call our office and we will handle the process of filing a claim with the Division of Workers' Compensation. We would also report the claim directly to your employer's insurance company. Your employer's insurance information should be displayed in a prominent location in their business. If you cannot find that information, you can obtain this information by writing to the Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau at 60 Park Place, Newark, NJ 07102 or by visting their website at .

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